HARDER GROUND is a creative studio, dedicated to shaping future-facing concepts through art direction and photography.

Based in Milan, we devote our energy and focussing our research to interpret and represent the relationship between humans and Earth. We believe we need to understand our interdependencies with nature, to develop a deep-rooted sense of our identity, able to unseat the dominance of role and power structures .

HARDER GROUND is the solid inner core of the Earth, reached after scratching the surface. It is made of the same matter that binds us together. We will remain a work in progress, a fluid vision inviting to merge into diverse realities disclosed and shared that intertwine. In this sense, we see fashion as a vital and creative expression of the self in the wider world, where the body, in its freedom of expression, among the contradictions of life, is both the actor and the driving force of the change.

What is stronger than the human heart which shatters over and over and still lives.”― Rupi Kaur